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    Zorgeloosch Groep launches intranet to connect employees with each other and the organization

    The Zorgeloosch Groep has taken steps to create a complete intranet that is the core of its communication and connects 130 employees – spread all across the Netherlands – with each other. René Gelderblom, currently responsible for the Zorgeloosch Groep marketing and communication, is setting up the new intranet. In this interview, he describes their goals for the intranet, his expectations regarding Mett, and why they chose Mett in the first place.

    René Gelderblom
    Responsible for marketing and communication at Zorgeloosch Groep

    Zorgeloosch Groep is a mortgage consultant and divorce mediator and, for the fifth year in a row, hailed as the North of Holland’s best mortgage office. The organization has several departments, among which Zorgeloosch Hypotheken, Zorgeloosch Scheiden, and 2Divorce. “With this combination of mortgage advice and divorce mediation, we can truly help couples who’ve decided to separate. Often, arrangements in a divorce agreement are not recognized by the bank or mortgage. We can help couples in both areas, so we can drastically reduce the hassle of a divorce,” explains René Gelderblom. “But we’re also there for the better times. Whether people are buying their first or the fourth home, we help them with finding the right mortgage for them.”

    Open intranet environment

    “The Zorgeloosch Groep employs 130 people, spread across 40 locations. Our head office is in Stompetoren, but our mortgage offices are spread across the country. The intranet should be a place where all employees have easy access to shared information and keep themselves informed about each other and the organization. We began the online environment as an open intranet, where all information is accessible to everyone. In future, we may expand this with private pages and groups. An example would be private collaboration groups for each location, department, or project team.”

    SaaS solution without expensive implementation process

    Before the Zorgeloosch Groep chose to use Mett for their intranet, they did extensive research into solutions and providers. In the end, Zorgeloosch chose Mett for the versatility of its platform. “Mett is incredibly versatile and all functions are included as standard in the subscription. It is vital for us that the intranet can be designed in our house style, that communication can occur at different levels at the intranet, and that it includes a comprehensive face book. It is also incredibly useful that Mett can provide us with reports about how people use the intranet by means of Analytics,” says René. “If we want to expand the functionality of the intranet in future or collaborate with more people, we don’t have to worry about any additional costs.


    “Mett is a SaaS solution. We are not forced into an expensive implementation process.” – René Gelderblom


    In making their choice, Zorgeloosch looked beyond the versatility of the platform and affordable subscription fees. Another important reason to choose Mett was the implementation process. “Mett is a SaaS solution. We are not forced into an expensive implementation process. During a platform session, Eva from Mett showed everything the Mett platform could do. She also helped us with setting up the intranet, which involved structuring the intranet, its functionalities, the users’ permissions, and the basic content we provided. I can now build on that with extra content myself. We can get to work with the intranet quickly and easily. And if I run into trouble, Mett’s advisors are there to help me right away.”

    Natural deployment within the organization

    There is no specific strategy for the intranet’s deployment, according to René. “I plan on informing all employees by email and through notifications about the intranet and important news. Of course, I hope that the intranet’s deployment within the organization follows a natural course, but initially I will be collecting and sharing all information myself. This includes such things as MT minutes. Because we haven’t worked with an intranet before, we’ll see how it goes before we expand the online environment’s functionality with additional interaction and collaboration options. To most important thing in getting started is that our employees know where to find the intranet and truly start using it, that the intranet is the first screen they see at the start of their day and that they are better informed about the organization. If, sometime from now, all our employees are connected to each other and the organization, that is not only to their benefit, but also to that of our clients.”

    Intranet functionality

    The intranet of Zorgeloosch Groep went live in the summer of 2016. It has the following functions

    • Standard pages
    • Document pages
    • News pages
    • Forum
    • FAQ
    • Map with locations of the Zorgeloosch Groep
    • Face book
    • Birthday calendar
    • Private group for the MT

    Also looking for an intranet that connects people?

    Are you curious about the possibilities Mett has to offer your organization, collaboration, or project? We’d gladly talk with you about your online collaboration needs. Whether you are looking for an intranet like Zorgeloosch Groep, a private project site, or a public participation platform, Mett is there for you.