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    Visualize and present plans online

    Together with The Imagineers and Over Morgen in beeld, Mett is adding a new feature to the platform. You can now visualize and present plans, ideal for area promotion and communication! We’re very excited about this and feel that this is a great new feature of the Mett platform. How does it work?

    Visualising plans offers several benefits:

    • presenting complex plans with ease
    • supporting the sale of housing and building projects
    • creating support among stakeholders

    Spherical photo

    One example of a visualization is the spherical photo. The photo is made using a drone or helicopter and offers an updated look of your environment.

    Click on the photo to experience how this works.

    3D visualisation

    Another example is the integration of 3D visualization which allows you to experience the plans in a virtual world. By integrating these technologies into our platform, citizens can be involved in all kinds of citizen participation projects.

    Click on the photo to experience how this works.

    The added value of visualizing plans

    The integration of spherical photos and visualizations in Mett offers several benefits, both for platforms that are used internally as those shared with the public. Consider, for instance, informing involved parties and other interested people about the project’s location. Or communicating internally and giving convincing presentations about what the new area will come to look like.

    Visualize your project’s plans in Mett

    We’ve incorporated these technologies into our platform. Do you want to know what it may mean for your project? Contact us to learn more!