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    Use the intranet’s knowledge groups to connect employees and external parties

    In early 2013, just after the network organization RUD Limburg-Noord was founded, the organization began to collaborate using Mett’s intranet solution. Currently, 240 people work using the intranet of the Regional Implementation Service (RUD).  Alex van Schooten, of communication bureau De Walvis, spoke with Marloes Schuurman, the intranet’s community manager, about the importance and use of the intranet.

    Marloes Schuurman
    Employee of RUD Limburg-Noord

    RUD Limburg-Noord is one of the Netherland’s 29 Regional Implementation Services. The network organizations are responsible for the licensing and supervision at businesses. 240 people, from 15 municipalities and the province of Limburg, work for the RUD Limburg-Noord, while employed at the North Limburg municipalities and the Province of Limburg.

    “If we didn’t have this social intranet, we couldn’t do our job. It’s that simple,” says Marloes. “We are not in one building, but spread across sixteen locations in Limburg. We don’t see each other every day, but still work together a lot.” RUD Limburg-Noord predominantly works in knowledge groups. In total, there are 15 knowledge groups that can all easily be found on one page, ‘the knowledge square’. “There is, for example, a group ‘trade meeting cattle farming’. In that group are all the people involved in the permits for that sector. If something were in the legislation of pigsties or another topic, they share that with the group. The employees also post so-called ‘templates’ in these groups. These are pieces of text that you can include in a permit. We can also collaborate on documents.


    “The intranet is accessible, uncomplicated, and easy to use.”


    The employees are enthusiastic about using Mett. “Early on, everything was new. The network organization and not much later, the intranet. Not everyone was overjoyed when our RUD was founded, because it can lead to an increase in bureaucracy. But the platform is recognized as an effective medium to collaborate and share news. I consider it to be an effective tool in convincing co-workers.” The intranet has played an important role in the organization’s success, says Marloes. “People truly recognize the added value. The intranet is accessible, uncomplicated, and easy to use, even as moderator. As a user, you immediately see which groups and projects you’re involved in. The intranet truly supports employees in carrying out their daily tasks.”

    Marloes is also satisfied with the many options that Mett offers. “We can also use our intranet to collaborate with other RUDs or with chain partners such as Security regions. Their access is limited to a shielded-off section of the intranet. It also offers a web transfer option: this allows use to securely forward large documents.”