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    Single Sign-On

    It is possible to have users log in to Mett automatically, whether within your corporate network or using Citrix. This is called Single Sign-On and allows users to switch between different applications without them having to log in every time. Single Sign-On is enabled by default for CorporateMett, but can also be enabled for BasicMett.

    Log in in one second

    To make this possible, we create a connection between Mett and Active Directory. The connection between an Active Directory network account and a Mett account is created with the Mett login. Creating this connection only takes a second (depending on your network speed). In that single second, Active Directory checks whether the connection is allowed, creates the connection between the Active Directory account and the Mett account, and the user is logged in to the Mett platform. All the while, the security of the Mett platform is maintained.

    By eliminating thresholds, user engagement increases. Users no longer have to remember the login for the Mett platform and are logged in as soon as they start working. Tip: by making the Mett platform the home page, each user automatically sees the platform’s overview.

    With the Single Sign-On connection, we want to improve the communication with our employees.

    Troostwijk information center has recently started using Active Directory login. “Our employees found it a hassle to have to log in each time. As a result, the number of employees who actively used the platform decreased,” says Toin Kuypers, IT manager at Troostwijk. “To lower this threshold, we chose to create an Active Directory connection which automatically logs in a user. With the Single Sign-On connection, we want to improve the communication with our employees.”

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