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    Selficient collaborates on a communication platform in English

    International communication platform

    As partner, Mett provided the sustainability project Selficient with an English communication platform so that the entire world can follow their progress. Just like their house, which is modular and can be extended with more floors and other uses, so too is the student team growing, as well as the number of partners, even across the border. Japanese representatives of Suteki, which provides suitable solutions for wood framing, were also present in Utrecht.

    As a Dutch team, the students have come together in Selficient, which provides new standards for sustainable building. With their self-sustaining house they joined the Solar Decathlon 2017, organized by the American Department of Energy. Better yet, they reached the finale!


    There was an abundance of energy during Selficient’s well-planned partner event, at the Eneco Energy Campus on the Atoomweg in Utrecht. On Wednesday afternoon, several of Selficient’s partners and sponsors were gathered there. At this event, you also saw all kinds of disciplines from University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) showing their best side. Besides the engineering and architecture students, the communication and event management students were also really impressive. Mett contributes to this by offering Selficient their own online platform. Their partner page has become a long list of other parties who want to do their part.


    The infectious enthusiasm of the students and the staff inspires many parties to contribute to the sustainability initiative. The collaborative energy was evident among those present. People studiously examined name tags and asked with interest how others contributed to Selficient. With a sense of pride, everyone explained their motivation to be partner. Just like us.


    After some talks, the partners and sponsors events offered a unique opportunity for people to admire the house with their own eyes. Students gave an impassioned tour of the house they developed. They house is constructed in such a way that it can be transported in parts to Denver in the United States. Once there, the house will be put up all over again for the competition’s finale. Bas van der Veen is the new director of the Built Environment institute of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. During his talk, he announced that 35 people of the 80-strong team were chosen to go to the competition in the United States.

    Together, you go further. Even to Denver!