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    Quick return on investment with social intranet

    How much time do you spend each day with searching for and retrieving information. For most people, this amounts to around two hours a day. A study by McKinsey shows that a well-designed intranet leads to a 30 and 35 percent time saving when it comes to searching for and retrieving information. What would that mean for your organization?

    Source: McKinsey – The Social Economy (July 2012)

    “Reply to all” should be outlawed

    Files are shared using the current intranet, email, Facebook, WeTransfer, Google Drive, and Dropbox. ‘Reply to all’ is the favorite button of many, which leads to mailboxes bursting at the seams. With the increasing amount of data and online tools used by employees, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retrieve information. It’s a jungle of data and tools where people as well as information get lost.

    What if you could bring all this together on a single platform? A well-designed social intranet can save around 30 percent of time spent on searching for and retrieving information, which translates to about 40 minutes a day. With such savings, a social intranet has a pretty quick return on investment.

    “Social technologies can enable communication and collaborative work across dispersed locations. From almost any location, employees can initiate projects, form teams, and complete their tasks, all while being able to connect a face to a name for more ‘human’ contact,” says McKinsey in a study into the value of social technologies and collaboration. “We estimate that 30 percent of current total e-mail time could be repurposed by moving communication to a social collaboration platform, freeing up 8 percent of the workweek for more productive activities.” – McKinsey, The Social Economy (July 2012)

    Is a social intranet expensive?

    No, if you design your social intranet around the Mett platform, it’s very affordable. On other platforms, you pay either per user or the amount of data. Not so with Mett. For Mett, you pay only € 250,- a month. If a single person saves 40 minutes a day by using a social intranet, you already have a return on investment. In short, a social intranet is not an expense but a smart way to reduce costs.