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    Platform for resident participation Pré Wonen

    Pré Wonen is a regional housing corporation providing living and working space to some 28.000 people. They manage 15.000 rental units, primarily apartments and single-family homes, but also commercial spaces. With over 160 employees, Pré Wonen lets out houses in Haarlem, Beverwijk, Bloemendaal, Heemstede and Heemskerk. Because living is more than just a roof over your head, Pré Wonen actively supports the livability in the neighborhoods. The starting point in this effort is collaborating with residents and users. Pré Wonen uses Mett as a portal for online resident participation to actively work together with residents. For more information about Pré Wonen, go to

    Intensive collaboration with residents

    With a portal for resident participation, Pré Wonen wants to collaborate intensively with renters in working out their policy and development plans. In this collaboration, residents play the part of advisors to the housing corporation and are actively involved in the organization. The portal contributes in achieving the corporation’s aim: offering everyone a nice home.

    Residents portal ‘De Voorkamer’

    Starting this summer, Pré Wonen is going to use a resident portal called ‘De Voorkamer’– Dutch for ‘the front room’. At first, 20 renters from the workgroups get access to ‘De Voorkamer’; at a later stage, more renters will get access to this private area. In this secure environment, the renters receive documents and news items, renters from workgroups can collaborate and discuss specific topics, and residents can ask each other questions, talk with each other, and keep each other informed about new developments using a forum. Topics could include “green” roofs or energy-neutral housing.

    The platform also offers the opportunity to gather residents’ opinions, using polls, in both the public and the private part of the portal. Pré Wonen can also use the residents’ portal for questionnaires, so they can better analyze the specific needs and experiences of residents.

    Residents participation 2.0

    With this portal, Pré Wonen is making the first step towards resident participation 2.0. The portal offers residents the opportunity to come together in advisory groups, whether structurally, temporarily, or surrounding a specific topic. This new form of resident participation removes common barriers, because residents no longer need to attend meetings, but can contribute when it suits them. This allows the corporation to involve target groups in the organization who want to offer their thoughts, even though they may have little time.

    Are you ready too?

    Are you part of a housing corporation and are you curious about the opportunities offered by resident participation 2.0? Do you also want to involve and include a diverse group of renters in actively shaping plans and policy? We would like to share our ideas with you about the opportunities and possibilities.

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