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    Participation platform Municipality of Oegstgeest

    With its motto ‘Oegstgeest’s next move,’ the municipality of Oegstgeest wants to support their communities’ good ideas. Ideas to help each other or ideas for spatial planning. The Municipality of Oegstgeest gathers and supports these ideas by contributing time, space, or funds. Or by connecting active citizens and initiators with each other. In that way, the Municipality of Oegstgeest involves its citizens in plans while also creating a network of citizens that help each other.

    Sharing an initiative or joining one

    Citizens with a good idea regarding help and support could submit these using the Mett-platform. They could provide their idea with text and explanation, but it could also include links to external websites and videos. The municipality would subsequently review the options with the initiators and help where it can, whether by looking for volunteers to support the initiative, by thinking along, or by sponsoring the initiative.

    Active citizens who want to do their bit could join a submitted initiative. The website contained all submitted initiatives with a detailed explanation. Everyone could join an initiative by simply clicking the ‘I’ll join’ button and sending an email to the initiator.

    Thinking along with an area’s redevelopment

    The Municipality of Oegstgeest also uses the platform to involve citizens in the redevelopment of the Klinkenbergerplas. Here, citizens are informed about the procedure regarding the zoning plan, given the opportunity to submit ideas for the area, allowed to vote on submitted ideas, and citizens can sign up for public meetings. Interested citizens can also sign up for the sounding board group the actively think along and discuss ideas. After these events, the documents and presentations are shared on the platform, so that citizens with less free time also have the opportunity to stay informed.

    In the period between 25th of August and 14th of October 2015, 121 incredibly varried ideas were submitted. From floating islands, to a wall for sand martins, and even an open-air movie theater, people submitted all kinds of ideas for the nature reserve. People could give these ideas a rating of 1 to 5 stars and we received over a 1000 ratings!

    At the start of November, 70 people further explained their ideas and involved parties entered conversation with the municipality about the spatial plan and the submitted ideas. Between November and December, new meetings were scheduled to further discuss starting points and plans with involved parties. After these meetings, the presentations and documents were shared in the private area of the platform, where interested parties could also find the outcomes of questionnaires and image files, as well as sign up for upcoming meetings and the newsletter. Interested parties could get access to this private area by submitting an idea, commenting on an idea, or by signing up for it.

    The Mett-platform is a complete participation and collaboration platform with a public and a private area. The municipality uses the platform as a gathering place for general good ideas for the municipality, but also to involve citizens in specific plans. Whether that involves organizing a bike ride for the elderly or voting on a plan for a nature reserve. Everyone gets the opportunity to think along and join in.

    Complete platform for involved parties

    Do you also want a complete platform for participation, communication, and structural collaboration, both for within the organization and for external parties? An increasing number of municipalities choose a single environment to inform and involve their citizens in the municipality’s current projects. Curious about the possibilities Mett can offer your municipality? Request a demo! Free of charge and no strings attached.

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