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    Overbetuwe municipality recognizes added value of online platform

    ‘If you can use Facebook, you can work with Mett’

    Herman Schimmel has been working with computers for a long time. ‘Incredibly long’, in his own words. ‘Since 1985.’ As a user, he eargly tests new computer applications. ‘I’m no brainiac but know how to work with them.’ It also has to do with his line of work, according to Herman. For the last couple of years, he was communication advisor for the municipality of Overbetuwe. He describes himself as ‘digitally minded: ‘I rarely use pen and paper, which means that my handwriting is barely legible.’ Herman pays close attention to the online developments, experiments with new applications, and, in doing so, learns what suits his needs. ‘Yeah, you can call me an early adoptor.’

    ‘Mett is very intuitive and easy to use.’

    The municipality of Overbetuwe uses Mett for multiple applications. For the sharing of documents, for discussions. What is Herman’s reason? ‘It offers a great platform. Ideal and fast.’ He often notices that colleagues are ill at ease with new applications and software. They really have to learn the application inside out. Especially if you rarely use an application, it can be difficult to work with in practice. ‘With Mett, you don’t have that. It works really intuitively. If you can use Facebook, you can work with Mett.’

    Collaborative environment

    Another benefit Herman mentions is the speed with which you can use a website or work environment. ‘In a couple of days, you can have a platform.’ More than just a system to gather an endless number of documents, even though Herman also appreciates that functionality. That is why, in his eyes, Mett is a good addition to the municipalities website, which serves  for most common tasks. ‘Mett can be used as a collaborative environment.’ Besides its use as a news medium or forum.

    ‘Easy to get started’

    In practice, digitally-minded Herman explains, you’re unlikely to use half of all software packages and applications. Internet is the one thing he uses intensively. How would Herman describe Mett? ‘As a ready-made tool, with an easy manual. It’s quick to set up something and easy to get started.’ Which website is most familiar to him? He mentions Elst Zuidoost. ‘That’s a site I’ve been closely involved with and worked with most.’ He recollects the making of groups, sharing of documents, and de discussion with the group of entrepreneurs and the group of residents.

    Experience it yourself

    Does Herman have any tips for Mett users.’Don’t be affraid to do stuff. There is little that can go wrong.’ He compares it to riding a bike: ‘you can’t explain to someone how to ride a bike, you learn it by doing it.’ This, to him, is a general advice for being online: ‘experience how to use the system yourself.’ That is how the functionality became clear to him: ‘The Mett platform offers opportunities for everybody.’

    Examples of Mett at Overbetuwe: