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    Online dialogue with the Buurtperspectief Breda platform

    In Breda, the residents of Heksenwiel and the Asterd join the conversation about the future of their neighborhood. Using a neighborhood platform, they can send in and rate ideas. This creates a dialogue and ultimately a plan for the neighborhood. With each other, and the municipality. An example of Mett as participation platform.

    Mett as participation platform

    Buurtperspectief uses the Mett platform as online citizen participation platform, in combination with twitter and several gatherings. With the online platform, this neighborhood dialogue came up with 24 useable ideas in a short time.

    The foundation of the neighborhood plan

    In October, the residents could also rate and express their preference for all the ideas for the neighborhood. These ideas ultimately form the foundation for the neighborhood plan Haagse Beemden. A plan that came about by thinking together, choosing together, and working together.