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    Online community for novel initiatives in Breda

    Stadslab Breda uses Mett as a community. Their purpose is to turn ideas, plans, and initiatives of Breda residents into reality. It’s an independent network of engaged experts that gives residents and organizations with novel ideas and initiatives a push towards realization. Stadslab Breda supports novel initiatives in urban development, spatial planning, architecture, energy transition, and social topics, such as new combinations of living and care. The collaboration does this by bringing initiators into contact with knowledge and expertise, but also by offering practical support.

    The city lab is an initiative of local construction and real estate sector, of which 160 members and affiliated businesses have joined the building society Via Latus. It’s a coproduction of the municipality of Breda and local higher education to tackle several challenges:

    • (affordable) housing
    • care – specifically for elder residents
    • sustainability and energy transition
    • sustainable redevelopment of existing real estate and undeveloped areas.

    Advice, brainstorm session, or guide

    The city lab helps initiators in three ways. First, by bringing them into contact with experts from the network for a good conversation and advice. For more complex initiatives, the city lab offers a different approach. Here, a multidisciplinary team of experts gets together with the initiator for a day in a workshop where the initiator can present the idea and benefit from the experts’ knowledge the entire day. Lastly, the city lab can help initiators by serving as a guide for the organization’s network and bring the initiators into contact with commercial parties to further develop the idea.

    Mett offers Stadslab Breda an online platform

    Since March the first, Stadslab Breda has been using Mett as a community. On the one hand, it’s a public website where Breda residents can submit ideas, learn about current initiatives, and contact networks of Breda professionals. On the other hand, it’s also a private environment where core groups, experts, and, in time, residents with good ideas can come together. Because Stadslab Breda is a new organization, a collaboration between many different parties, this organization demands a new way of collaborating. Mett facilitates this initiative with an online platform