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    New intranet for WerkTalent: ideal balance between business and social

    Early August saw the launch of WerkTalent’s new intranet. At 18 offices spread across the country, 65 employees can now collaborate in this new environment. The intranet has become the place where all employees can easily find documents and other information, but also offers room for interaction. I asked Nicole van Schaik, operational director at WerkTalent, a number of questions about online collaboration and her initial observations about Mett.

    Nicole van Schaik
    Operational Director at WerkTalent

    What kind of organization is WerkTalent?

    WerkTalent is a staffing organization with offices across the country. It’s a very enterprising organization with independent partners at SMEs. We believe that people should spend most of their time doing things they are good at. That is why we support local entrepreneurs through our partner offices. We currently have 18 of these, staffed with 65 employees, and expect to open another 20 offices in the coming 5 years.


    “Mett strikes an ideal balance between a business-like intranet and a social one.”

    Why were you looking for a new intranet?

    As an organization, we need to be ready for the growth we are experiencing. Before Mett, all communication went through email and ‘Reply to all’ was not uncommon. Fortunately, the number of emails truly sent to everyone was still quite low, because all offices are pretty independent. However, we lacked a repository of communication and documentation. That is why we were looking for an intranet that could serve as document archive and internal communication platform. What we really wanted was to improve the overall internal communication. There was often a lack of communication between people and some people weren’t up-to-date with what was going on in the organization. This clearly had to change. At the same time, we were also working on a new house style and a new website, which made this the ideal moment to launch a new intranet.


    “The intranet should also be fun!”

    Why did you choose a Mett intranet?

    I looked at a number of different parties. Of those, some focused too much on the social aspect whereas others were overly rigid. Mett strikes the right balance. You can see that in its functionalities, but also in the platform’s look and feel. If you look at those rigidly organized intranet only used for important information, these often focus too much on the business aspect, without considering the human factor. The intranet should also be fun! People should want to visit it. When an intranet is too business-like, too rigidly organized, people are quick to leave. It should inspire people to ask questions, schedule drinks, celebrate birthdays, and on and on. It should be an interactive place where people from different branches can contact each other. Mett strikes an ideal balance between a business-like intranet and a social one.

    What are the most important functions of the new intranet?

    On the intranet, all employees can post messages and photos on the message board, but they can also suggest ideas and messages for the news page. Everyone can respond to a message and like comments, which makes it a truly interactive environment. In the face book, you can filter people by location and everyone now has provided a photo and information such as their birthday. The homepage shows upcoming birthdays, which helps make the intranet much more personal. Workgroups can also collaborate in private groups, such as the group in which a select few collaborate to come up with new staffing concepts. Employees are free to start a group themselves. We think the intranet’s open character is very important, the employees were really positive about that. Another thing we heard people like is that everyone can choose to follow a page or specific message, or choose not to.

    The intranet has only gone live a few weeks ago but already it is buzzing with activity. This is because it is a accessible platform which makes it that people use it to communicate without prompting. What also makes a difference is that the system is very intuitive. Everyone can get started with it right away. Six employees have been named community manager. They share news items, foster internal communication, and look after the house style and the intranet’s structure. We stimulate employees to post questions to the intranet, but when someone comes to us with an idea, we encourage them to post it to the intranet immediately. Previously, management would have to decide on such things immediately, but now we invite employees to post it on the message board. We can now immediately test how other people feel about an idea.


    “The intranet is very intuitive, which is why everyone started using it right away.”


    What is your experience with Mett?

    Mett is very user friendly, people just immediately get it. The intranet is very intuitive, which is why everyone started using it right away. Managing the Mett platform is also very user friendly. The entire management team has moderator permissions. During the moderator training, we learned how to correctly moderate the intranet. This involved learning how to assign permissions, but also managing the platform settings and the intranet’s structure. When it comes to functionality, we were all pleasantly surprised; it can do much more than I expected. This allows us to expand the intranet along the way, where necessary. The way we are collaborating now is so much more professional: with this intranet, we are prepared for the growth we are going through.

    Do you also want an intranet tailored to your organization?

    Do you also want an accessible, interactive platform that connects your employees with each other? We have the knowledge and experience to turn your need into a success. Not to be overlooked, a platform with extensive functionalities. Are you curious to learn what Mett can offer your organization? Feel free to contact us.