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    The municipality of Landsmeer strengthens horizontal ties with a social intranet

    With some 90 employees, the municipality of Landsmeer collaborates using a Mett social intranet. The platform brings people in contact with each other and employees can now quickly respond to news messages. Besides that, all important documents can be found on the social intranet, quick and easy.

    “With a social intranet, we primarily want to strengthen the horizontal ties.“

    Bottom-up collaboration

    Landsmeer chose a Mett social intranet to stimulate the exchange of information between policy departments. “It makes sense that you work mainly on your own policy area, but we’re also part of the same organization,” says communication advisor Anita van Dort. “With a social intranet, we primarily want to strengthen the horizontal ties. Because with everyone on their own island, the internal communication suffers.

    Landsmeer had already been working on setting up a new intranet in collaboration with other municipalities, but it was just taking too long. That’s why they chose to start a social intranet with Mett. Anita: “Because the platform can be set up so quickly for a low price, we could easily use this platform as a temporary solution. What I like best about working with Mett is the support in implementing the platform. The advisors truly think along with you. They examine the organization and their needs and demands as well as those of the users. Amazing.”

    Functions of a social intranet
    The municipality of Landsmeer uses the following functions:

    • Face book
    • Blog
    • Share documents
    • Comment and discuss
    • Image bank
    • Agenda
    • Standard pages
    • Birthday module