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    Mett as online platform for the social domain

    Mett is part of ‘de Sociale Verbinders’ (the Social Connectors), a network of professionals tackling challenges in the social domain. Together with other professionals from this network, we build social communities for citizens, care providers, welfare organizations, and municipalities, and we work hard to make these communities a success. Together, we have the tools and experience needed to strengthen the connection between care and welfare organizations, municipalities and citizens, whether through offline or online means.

    What can you achieve with the social connectors?

    • Increased self-reliance of fragile citizens
    • Increased visibility of successful citizen initiatives
    • Improved formal and informal care
    • Better informed professionals
    • More efficient collaboration through connectedness
    • Right connection between municipalities, care providers, and welfare organizations
    • Work is easier across fewer silos
    • Quicker decision-making about the organization of care
    • Reduced time spent on meetings
    • Easier to gather opinions

    To achieve the goals mentioned above, we work with a three-step plan. With these steps, we’ve since supported customers such as Vivera ZwijndrechtROGplusStichting Goedleven, the Municipality of Utrecht, and Zilveren Kruis with this new style of collaboration. Want to know more about these cases? Visit the Social Connectors website (Dutch only).


    Step 1. Determine shared goals and map crucial connection points

    In the first step, we analyze the situation and take a closer look at the mission and vision of the organization and collaborating partners. With the situation analysis, we don’t just look at the organization in isolation, but also the larger context. We make an overview of the current collaboration network and analyze the crucial connection points and the strong and weak links. Subsequently, we determine the shared goals. What do you want to achieve or change? With which organizations and parties do you want to achieve which goals?

    Central questions:

    • What do you want to achieve of change?
    • With which organizations or for which citizens do you want to achieve results?
    • With who are you collaborating now?
    • Where is (better) collaboration needed?

    Step 2. Together, find offline and online solutions to connect

    After step 1, we choose which Mett platform best meets the needs and goals. Do you need a private environment where parties can work in groups, do you need a community where professionals can ask each other questions, or do you need an accessible public website? Or perhaps a platform that combines a public and a private area? Together with a Mett advisor, we determine what platform best suits the challenge ahead. We also create a social connection plan that you can start using right away. In creating this plan, we spend quite some time on the current styles of collaboration, how you can initiate new styles of collaboration, and how you can best adjust this to meet the citizen’s support question.

    Central questions:

    • How can we achieve your goals together?
    • Which Mett platform best suits the challenge ahead?
    • How can you strengthen current styles of collaboration and how can you start new ones?
    • How do you adjust these to meet the support question of citizens?

    Step 3. Build committed community

    In the final step, the implementation of the new way of working together is central and we begin with building a committed community. Moderators and users receive a platform training and platform ambassadors (such as council members, public servants, and care professionals) are involved in the change with a workshop. In this final step, you will make the social connection plan your own and will receive practical tips for good collaboration, both online as offline. For now, and the future. You also learn how to bring life to a community. How do you ensure that people remain actively involved in your community? With the social marketing toolbox, you have the tools required to make the new community a success.

    Central questions:

    • How will you implement the social connection plan?
    • How do you collaborate effectively, both online and offline, for now and in the future?
    • How do you bring life to a community and how do you ensure that people stay engaged with your community?

    Inspiration session for smart collaboration in the social domain

    We offer several inspiration sessions and workshops to ensure the new collaboration style and the platform is a success. Depending on the topic, we work together to determine the best strategy.

    Are you ready for a new collaboration style?

    We gladly answer all your questions. Contact our advisor Jos Wassink by calling 06 4141 1244 or sending an email to, or join us for a cup of coffee and a live demonstration.