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    How successful is your platform? Use Google Analytics or Piwik!

    Do you know how many visitors your Mett platform has? With statistics, you can measure your platform’s impact. Mett uses Google Analytics or Piwik to show you the statistics. Besides that, you can always see how often a document has been downloaded.

    Google Analytics

    Want to know how often your Mett platform is visited? We use Google Analytics which offers a clear insight in the statistics. There are several ways to consult these statistics.

    Using the dashboard

    Want to see the statistics of your Mett platform for yourself? You can, all you need is a Google account. You can then log in through We make sure that you see all the reports about your Mett platform. If you want to access the dashboard in this way, send us your Google address and your platform’s URL and we’ll make it happen.

    Figure: an overview of the dashboard with statistics

    Through a PDF report

    In setting up a new Mett platform, we ask whether we can send a report with statistics each week or each month. This report is less detailed than the dashboard described above, but it does offer a convenient overview of the number of visitors. Haven’t received a report like that? Let us know, and we’ll set it up.

    Document downloads

    Mett also offers some built-in statistics. You can, for instance, monitor how often a document has been downloaded. You can see this on the document page.

    Figure: The number of downloads is shown in the last column, indicated with a #.

    Okay, so now you know your platform’s statistics. Now what?

    You have insight in your platform’s user activity. You know how many users log in each week and how many people visit public pages. Now what? How do you improve user activity on your platform? We often schedule workshops about this topic. Visit the events page or contact us for a consultation.