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    The Government collaborates quickly and safely using Mett

    Government agencies and projects can collaborate quickly and safely using Mett. In collaboration with the Government’s house-style specialists, we developed responsive templates that can easily be altered to suit the sender or its purpose. That’s why you can get started right away.

    Web guidelines-ready collaboration

    In the last few years, Mett has created over 50 Government platforms. The platform meets the technical requirements of the most recent web guidelines and we provide people with training to supply the platform with content that also meets these guidelines. This ensures that your platform is accessible.
    Recently, two projects started within the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, see the platforms “Smart and Healthy City” and “Cooperative ITS Corridor”.

    Responsive platform

    Mett is a responsive online collaboration environment. This means that the platform automatically scales to fit the device it is viewed on: a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. A responsive platform is the user-friendly online work environment that you have come to expect these days. No special tricks, but just simple and easy to use.

    The benefits Mett offers the Government:

    • Experience with 50 Government platforms
    • Quick setup with the Government template
    • Responsive and web guideline-ready
    • €300 discount on startup costs.

    For 15 years, the Government has been using Mett as an open and private collaboration platform. That is why we feel confident with advising you how you can best use Mett for your project. Read more about the possibilities Mett offers the Government, or come by our office for a cup of coffee.

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