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    Five reasons to choose effective two-step verification

    Actually, no, not really. There is only one reason, according to Mett product manager Rinse Stellingwerf, to choose for a secure login of your Mett platform. With two-step verification, also called 2 factor authentication (2FA).

    Reduce the likelihood of hacking

    ‘But that one reason is a very good one. 2FA offers a substantial improvement to your platform’s security. Personally, I turn on 2FA wherever I can. For instance, with Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft. These days, it’s relatively easy to hack your files, but with 2FA turned on, they also need access to your phone. That seriously reduces the likelihood of hacking.

    Screenshot of 2FA login on iPhone.

    User friendly

    ‘A benefit of our 2FA implementation is that it is very user friendly. You don’t need to copy some difficult code; instead, a simple tap in the app is sufficient. That’s a major benefit compared to many other 2FA applications.’

    Want to know more about 2FA? Rinse suggests the links below, with further explanations as to why you should choose this secure way of logging in.