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    Experience a room or area with interactive imagery and VR

    Together with our partner The Imagineers, we created a smart feature to have you experience a room or area in 360 degrees, using interactive maps and VR. This offers the best of both worlds.

    Tell your story in VR

    Tell your story and show the accompanying imagery at the same time. Or the other way around; move through a panorama image and place points on the image. At each point, you can provide more information and refer to other pages within Mett. This is made possible by the smart API, fully integrated into the functionality of Mett 3.

    If you watch the images with Virtual Reality goggles, you get to experience the environment as if you were really there. The possibilities are endless. Whether you want to visualize an infrastructure project, or show which lots are still available, or view real estate. Everything you want to say can now also be seen at the same time.

    Image: interactive VR map Kempenbaan Veldhoven

    Interactive map Kempenbaan Veldhoven

    To see it in action, have a look at Kempenbaan in Veldhoven. In this participation project, we show the people involved the consequences of the changes to their environment. The interactive map illustrates the new planning proposal in 3D.

    see the interactive map

    Experience the possibilities of VR

    If you would also like to communicate using interactive images and VR, we would love to talk with you. Perhaps we can help you too? Contact us at 030-2920701.
    Heb je zelf een wens om te communiceren middels interactieve beelden en VR, dan gaan we graag met je in gesprek. Kunnen we jou ook helpen? Neem contact op met ons op via 030-2920701.