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    Tom’s Top 4 of online security tips

    As a moderator and user of a Mett platform, you might like this top 4 of online security tips Tom Westra, our security officer, has compiled.

    Tom’s top 4 of online security tips

    1. Use an SSL certificate to send data securely
    2. Educate users in strong passwords
    3. Don’t share user accounts
    4. Enable two-step verification

    1  SSL certificate

    SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. An SSL certificate ensures that people can visit a website without the risk of data being intercepted.  For more information about setting up an SSL certificate for your Mett platform, call the helpdesk at 030 711 57 77

    Or read more about SSL on Mett’s support website.


    2  Use strong passwords

    One of the most obvious vulnerabilities of a website is password practices. A simple and short password used for multiple accounts may be easy to remember, but is not secure. In setting up a password for a user account, you can see how strong a password is. If the bar turns green, the chosen password is strong.


    3  Don’t share accounts with colleagues

    Ensure that users don’t share their accounts with colleagues. Each user should have their own account with their own, strong password. That is not only safer, but also makes it easier to trace which user took a certain action.


    4  Two-step verification

    Mett offers 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). You may recognize this two-step verification process from the SMS code banks send before you confirm a money transfer. 2FA adds an additional security measure to logging in by asking you to identify yourself using your smartphone or tablet, to ensure that you are who you say you are. Our 2 Factor Authentication works via an app you can download to your phone and works for both iOS and Android devices.

    Want to ask Tom a question about a safe, online platform? Ask them here.

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