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    More accessible, more personal, and clearer – social intranet Municipality of Putten

    Since March 2015, the Municipality of Putten uses Mett for their social intranet. And that takes some getting used to. The introduction of a social intranet makes possible new organization and communication processes and the users will start to work together in new ways. Users can now actively participate on the intranet. But how does a municipality go about introducing such a social intranet in their organization. Erica van de Veen, responsible for communication at the Municipality of Putten, shares how Mett’s social intranet was implemented at the municipality in this blog.

    Mett moderator speaking

    Erica van de Veen
    Responsible for communication at the Municipality of Putten

    Within the municipality of Putten, we’ve gone to a tremendous change. We’ve transitioned from a common intranet, mainly used by the communication department for news items and documents, to a social intranet, where users can upload content and interact with each other. Of course, as communication department, we still share news items, but the focus has shifted to the user.

    The focus is on personalization and interaction. Employees share information themselves by uploading it on the knowledge map, by posting messages, sharing documents, commenting on each other, creating work groups, starting projects, and asking each other questions. Employees are put in the center and can easily initiate online collaboration themselves.

    Currently, 190 people are using the social intranet, subdivided into 21 roles. These are the groups that each have specific permissions. Examples are the employees, the secretary’s office, external parties, departments, and project teams. This way, each employee can only access those pages and documents on the social intranet relevant to them and for which they have the appropriate permissions. This makes our social intranet secure and personal

    All beginnings are hard!

    At first, the employees had to accustom themselves to the social intranet, but that makes sense. All beginnings are hard, and it’s important to recognize that and adequately help the users. Change is always difficult. To help users get started, we gave presentations, wrote manuals, gave individual guidance, and uploaded information together with the employees.

    We now receive encouraging reactions from our employees.

    • “Sharing information with co-workers and external parties has become much easier.”
    • “The intranet is more accessible and more personal.”
    • “I can now easily post messages and upload documents myself.”
    • “The social intranet also works well on my iPad.”
    • “Now all information can be found on a single platform.”
    • “I send fewer emails because the communication takes place on the intranet.”

    The next steps

    In the coming period, we will visit the departments to create more support and explain more about all the other possibilities the social intranet has to offer.

    We will tell them about the personal folders we will be creating for employees. Several employees have shared with us their need to access documents for a meeting via the intranet, instead of using their email or some other means. Before we had this social intranet, we used a different tool for that purpose.

    We will also change the question module, so that people can use the intranet to contact the IT helpdesk. They now receive a lot of phone calls with questions that may be interesting for others as well. A clear benefit is that other employees can also read these questions and answers, which reduces the number of phone calls the helpdesk will have to answer.

    Do you also want a social intranet?

    We will gladly discuss the possibilities Mett’s social intranet can offer. During an introduction, we will show you live examples and think along about the issues that you encounter. The implementation of a social intranet is different for each organization, from a Big Bang to a step-by-step approach as taken by the Municipality of Putten. We have the experience to help you along in this process. Care to join us for a cup of coffee?


    (Photographer: Martin de Bouter. Foto taken during the Nationaal intranet symposium)