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    5 tips for online relation management

    Use Mett to maintain all your business relations. Add them as users and determine what kind of access they have to Mett. For instance, keep them informed with a news letter, or give them permission to upload meeting notes. Or export all addresses for a paper newsletter. We offer you 5 tips for online relation management.

    Share all project information, like documents, with people involved using a single platform. Convenient, sure, but how do you inform your business relations? Read on for our tips on online relation management.

    1. Import your relations into Mett

    Within Mett, you can add all your relations and business connections as users. This way, it is easy to keep them informed and give them access to the appropriate information.

    • Make groups of contacts
    • Show lists of relations and customers so others can easily contact them
    • Send newsletters or automatic notifications


    1. Send login information to your users

    Have you added all users to Mett? Then it’s important to let them know they have access to a platform where they can find and upload information. Sending login information is something only a moderator can do. When adding new users, you can automatically send them the login details.


    1. Keep information up to date

    Once relations and business connections have been added to Mett, it’s important to keep their information up to date. Users can change their own profile once they’ve logged in, so you don’t have to spend time on this.


    1. Create groups and assign permission

    You can easily gather users in groups which helps you recognize in what way a relation is involved in your project. You can use groups for the following purposes:

    • Create an overview of your relations
    • Send groups emails or newsletters
    • Assign permissions per group, so you can share information with specific groups.


    1. Export users to Excel

    Want to use the address details of all your users (or several groups) for a paper newsletter? Then use the Mett export feature. With this feature, you can quickly export user information to an Excel file.

    You need a moderator account to export users and can do this in the CMS menu (under the ‘users’ tab).