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    We believe in the power of ‘together’. Good collaboration brings out the best in people. We also work together ourselves. Below, you find the organizations we like to be associated with and these collaborations always results in something beautiful.

    Arcadis is the leading global Design and Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. ARCADIS is a Mett shareholder.

    Website Arcadis

    Over Morgen is what only yesterday you would have called a consultancy firm in spatial development. Over Morgen helps local governments spur, design, and realize societal initiatives. But also help them keep their momentum.

    Website Over Morgen

    Future Communication tackles a broad range of communication challenges. Whether it is the widening of a country road, the implementation of a new software program, or a large-scale reorganization of a multinational.

    Website Future Communication

    De Sociale Verbinders is the network of professionals for challenges in the social domain. They create, develop, facilitate, connect, and inspire municipalities and businesses that want to shape the social domain in a fresh, new way.

    Website De Sociale Verbinders

    The Imagineers are dedicated to come up with innovative ways to solve challenges in spatial developments This involves capturing projects and areas using 360-degree photos and Virtual Reality environments.

    Website The Imagineers

    With the BouwApp, building contractors can inform customers and locals about the plans and the progress of building and infrastructure projects. Mett offers BouwApp integration.

    Website De BouwApp

    Spilter is an ideal digital, offline participation and decision-making accelerator. The Group Intelligence Software, supports, simplifies, and speeds up your decision-making processes.

    Website Spilter

    APPM Management Consultants works on the arrangement, development, and restructuring of our urban and rural environment, on accessibility, infrastructure and mobility, a climate-ready, water-rich, and sustainable Netherlands.

    Website APPM

    Urhahn is a leading urban design office with 26 years of experience in the profession. We are very passionate about transforming both city and landscape.

    Website Urhahn

    Tuim advises and supports care institutes, corporations, real-estate investors, project developers and governments, specialized in care real estate, interim management, project development, asset management, organization, and advice.

    Website TUIM

    SchaapOntwerpers creates designs whose shape and message surprise, solve, and work. They translate market and strategy into design applications that help you find, meet, and connect with your target group.

    Website Schaap Ontwerpers

    O, agency for concept, creation, and campaign. Since 1993, an agency typical for Utrecht: straight to the point and feet firmly on solid ground. What they do best? Coming up with surprising concepts and translating these into effective campaigns.

    Website O Utrecht

    Procap offers advice and management of the design, development, and use of areas, buildings, and connections. A refreshing and sustainable approach to the future use of space in the Netherlands by ensuring that people and organizations collaborate better.

    Website Procap

    Awareness supports organizations, both public and private, in the communication of policy that contributes to a sustainable planning of our society.

    Website Awareness

    Cascadis is the trade association of online professionals in the (semi) public sector. Their goal is to improve the position of online professionals.

    Website Cascadis

    The Dutch Communication agency HVR Group helps you to put the environment at the heart of your projects, processes and working methods. With a communication strategy, a communication tool or training. Together with you.

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