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    About us

    We explore your goals and want to help you achieve them. Based on our years of experience, we offer feedback and advice on how you can successfully use Mett. We would like to advise you on how to get the most out of Mett. Together, we tailor the platform to suit your needs, using your house style. We’d gladly think along with you.

    The Mett platform

    For over 15 years, we’ve been driven and passionate about developing self-written software. Before the cloud even existed, we saw the opportunity to share documents and knowledge online. To collaborate securely and easily, tailored to specific needs. That remains our driving force. With an eye for the personal.

    Based on your demands and with the latest technological features, we develop a future-proof platform. Every customer and every user notices the changes and improvements. Each week brings a new release with handy features and functionality.

    We want you to be able to work online carefree, which is why your data is kept secure on Dutch servers.

    See how Mett is used

    Unique approach, unique people

    Our advisors and developers like to hear more about your goal and your aims. Afterwards, we take a closer look together to see whether Mett fulfils your needs. For a test run, we design an online platform for you, because the best way to see if Mett works for you is just to try it.


    Who are you and what do you want to achieve?

    We'd like to hear what made you come to our site. What is your job? Your assignment? What you want to achieve?


    Arrive at the right solution together

    Together with you, we come up with a proposal of how you can most effectively use Mett.


    Keep on improving together with you

    Do you have requests for improvements or changes? Let us know. We keep on developing Mett for you.

    Who are you?

    What we offer is easy to use and manage

    A platform that can be deployed quickly and is easy to use for many users.



    Your data is safe in our hands and is kept on Dutch soil. That's a promise.



    Our platform is easy to use, logical, and fast. If you can type, you can work with Mett.

    Tailored to you

    Tailored to you

    Together with you, we create an online platform tailored to suit your work processes in every detail. We align ourselves with your goals.

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    A team of specialists

    Our team is a diverse mix of personalities. In the city of Leeuwarden, seven developers work tirelessly until they have found the fastest and best solutions for you. In Utrecht, 12 advisors stand at the ready with a listening ear, their knowledge, experience, and opinions.

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    A nice portfolio

    From government, education institutes, care centers, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Building contractors, engineering firms, and pension funds. We like to learn and with each new question, we grow. We would like to add your organization to our portfolio.

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