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    Work together.

    Work together.

    Most flexible online platform
    Royal Ahrend works toghether.

    Royal Ahrend works toghether.

    International intranet platform for all its companies.
    Dutch government works together.

    Dutch government works together.

    More than 90 intranet, co-creation and community platforms

    What is Mett?

    Securely share documents and ideas with colleagues, clients, project groups, or communities. Mett is the most flexible online platform to quickly work on something together. In a secure online work environment that is updated weekly.

    Safe, together, everywhere. Mett is 100% safe and available everywhere.

    Are you looking for a online platform that is easy to use to quickly and easily find colleagues and project group members? Is a community the best way to reach your goals?

    Are you considering a responsive solution that meets the highest security demands? We would like to discuss with you whether we can help you find an appropriate, online solution.

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    Your data is safe in our hands and is kept on Dutch soil. That's a promise.



    Our platform is easy to use, logical, and fast. If you can type, you can work with Mett.

    Tailored to you

    Tailored to you

    Together with you, we create an online platform tailored to suit your work processes in every detail. We align ourselves with your goals.

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    Our markets

    We offer solutions for numerous organisations in multiple fields. Mett is used in government, business, care, education, and cultural projects.

    Mett with the government

    Administrators, civil servants, citizens, and stakeholders: all are realizing that communication and debate increasingly take place online. Whether for internal or external communication, making effective use of an online platform is an important component of daily work.

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    Mett with business

    Businesses demand an appropriate platform to improve work processes, quickly find managers and colleagues, and easily share knowledge. Thinking together, sharing together, working together. Creating connections with each other and the customer. For that ambition, the flexibility of Mett offers a suitable solution.

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    Unique approach, unique people

    We describe our approach as informal with a personal touch. We are, in the first place, interested, in who you are and what you do. We pay attention and listen to your questions, needs, and goals.


    Who are you and what do you want to achieve?

    We'd like to get to know you and learn how you are currently collaborating, what your goals are, and what result you have in mind.


    Arrive at the right solution together

    Together with you, we come up with a suitable solution. That may be a project website, community, or an intranet instead. Our platform offers numerous options.


    Keep on developing and improving

    We come up with new applications all the time, whether due to technical innovations or based on your needs.

    Who are you?